Our Aims & Goals

The Ambulance Heritage Society has always worked towards a three phase plan:

  1. To restore and display vintage to modern ambulances and equipment as `working` exhibits. We are not a static display group.
  2. To open a dedicated National Ambulance Museum and Heritage Centre, a place where people can view and enjoy the full selection of artifacts and other items we hold as they are on display for all to enjoy.
  3. To continue to collect rare equipment, uniforms and other items to display in the Heritage Centre, a learning centre where we will be able to display, educate , and allow visitors to learn life saving skills .

As the UK`s largest, self contained vintage ambulance heritage and history charity we are working hard to raise the funding needed to obtain a building large enough to house our vast collection here in the East Midlands.  If you would like to help us in anyway. Please visit our How You Can Help page.