Morris LC5 Restoration

Completed restoration by the AHS team of our Plymouth LC5 Ambulance





Further Update

A final interior scrub for Plymouth and she is just about ready for a road test.


August Update

During 2016 work has progressed on Plymouth, rear door frame rebuilt, complete refurb and fitting of cab doors, partial Rewired, new exhaust and front re-paint.

IMG_0874 IMG_0688 IMG_0689

December Update

The noisy water pump has been replaced on the LC5. The next stage of the project is strengthening the door hangers and replacing the corner pillars supporting the window screen.



November Update

At this stage all brakes are being checked and serviced and the water pump requires a replacement unit.


Morris LC5 Plymouth City Ambulance

The AHS website will follow the restoration of this Morris LC5 Plymouth City Ambulance from leaving Derriford Ambulance Station on the 30th August 2014. After 3 hours in our workshop we had her checked to start up and run outside for a quick clean and photo shoot.

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LC5 Leaving Plymouth

LC5 Plymouth and District Ambulance leaving it’s home station of Derriford Plymouth
(South Western Ambulance Trust)

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